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Academic Support

If you are struggling and need help please come for assistance.  It is better to come early than wait too long.

After School Academic Support                          

Time: 3:05 to 4:05 pm

Where: Whittemore-Prescott Junior/Senior High School Library

When: Tuesday and Thursday

Tuesday’s focus will be Math & Science. 

Thursday’s focus will be English and Social Studies.  Snacks will be provided. 

  • You must have your own transportation home at 4:05 pm.  You are not allowed to wait until extra-curricular activities finish for a ride.

  • Highly qualified teachers in English, Literature, and Social Studies will be available on Thursday.

  • Highly qualified teachers in Math and Science will be available on Tuesday.

  • Separate areas for high school students and junior high students.

  • Any question’s please contact Mrs. Dewell.

After School Academic Support sign up page



High School/Jr High Morning and Lunch Academic Support

Where: Morning Study Tables: Mrs. Dewell's room (High School) & Mrs. Heck’s Room (Jr High Students).  Lunch Academic Support is held in room #505 across from the cafeteria.  Ms. Allison is in charge of Lunch Academic Support.

  • Obtain a pass from Mrs. Dewell to bring breakfast to the room in the morning.

  • Morning Support opens at 7:30 am and lunch time support will be held during all lunches in room 505 with Ms. Allison.

  • Help on assignments, a quiet place to finish homework, and calculators will be available (if allowed by the classroom teacher.)

  • Attendance can be requested by a teacher and/or a parent.  Discipline will result if you are assigned and do not attend.

  •  If you have any questions or would like to have your child assigned please contact  Mrs. Dewell or Ms. Allison.

Morning Adademic Support Sign up page

Lunch Academic Support Sign up page